Chord Creator

This app will allow you to create and playback quarter tone chords. You can also bookmark your chords and share them on social media.

Browser Compatability

This app works best on the Firefox browser. With Firefox, each tone is produced with overtones, which makes identification easier when both tones are produced simultaneously. This app is also reported to not work well on Safari browser. If you experience any problems with the tone production, try using Firefox.

Select Chord Notes

The first note you select will be the root note of the chord. All other notes will place themselves automatically. If you would like to try different inversions, select the notes in different orders. For example: select G->D->B to select that major chord with the third on top.
The notes you select will appear on the top row. To add a note, select it from the bottom pane. To remove a note you've already selected, click on that note, and it will be removed from your selected notes.

Playback Options

About this App

This app allows for quarter tone playback, and is a part of the Quarter Tone Composition project. If you are new to quarter tones, take a look at this introduction to quarter tones and consider looking at the book Introduction to Quarter Tones.

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